Problem: Engine dies after warm-up.
Possible Causes: Internal coil,  external coil
Problem: Engine floods in base
Possible Causes: Bad fuel pump Diaphram, bad needle and seat in carberators, choke plunger stuck, priming too frequently
Problem: No spark at plugs
Possible Causes: Plugs bad/fouled, resistor cap faulty, plug wire bad, by-passed kill-switch & ignition switch, tether wiring harness could be pinched or fried. Test external coils, test internal coils, test ohms. Try another CDI or replace point and condenser. Inspect flywheel for loose or missing magnets.
Problem: Light bulbs burning out
Possible Causes: Voltage Regulator
Problem: No Power
Possible Causes: Plug cap resistor bad (replace), plugs fouled, might not fire under compression, compression low and unequal in cylinders, plug wire bad, faulty reed valves, bad head gasket, warped head exhaust leaking or plugged, air box plugged, main or other jets too small or too large.
Problem: Engine doesn't run at all
Possible Causes: Bad spark plugs, loose gas lines or pin holes, bad fuel pump, bad head gasket, carbs not adjusted properly, air leak between carb flanges, air leak between base halves, crank seals leakage, center crank seal bad, carbs need cleaning.
Problem: Low compression
Possible Causes: Head gasket blown, head warped, rings stuck, hole in piston, gouge on cylinder wall.
Problem: Engine backfires
Possible Causes: Head gasket blown, external or internal coil misses, bad wiring harness, killswitch bad,CDI faulty, safety switch, bad crank seal ( either outer or inner).

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